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6 Handmade Mother's Day Ideas

flower gift knitting mixed media paper

Are you're looking for a present that's extra special this Mother's Day? Here's a round-up of our favourite handmade gift ideas for you to follow or take inspiration from, just in time for Mothering Sunday. Whether it's a DIY vase to go with a beautiful bouquet or a carefully crafted card, a personal touch is a great way to say thank you and show how much you care.


Flowers in a Jar

This gorgeous string art project looks like flowers in a mason jar, but is made with wood pieces, nails and thread. Don’t be put off if you’re not a woodworking pro; the charm of this project is the rustic, handmade design, so a few wonky nails will only add to the effect! Click here.



Vintage Crochet Vases

We love these vintage looking vases made from upcycled crocheted doilies and we think they’re the perfect way to display your Mother’s Day flowers this Sunday. Click here.



Mini Stenciled Planters

A collection of little pots is a lovely way to display small succulents or windowsill herbs. The ones used here were bought as a set, but mismatched containers in different sizes and materials can also look great. This is a quick and simple project using a small, irregular triangle border. Click here.



Dip-Dyed Pashmina Shawl

A beautiful and unique scarf to cover up on a light summer’s evening, this simple project is a perfect introduction to the Japanese art of Shibori. Any woolen shawl or scarf can be used to show off the beauty of indigo and the many shades of blue it can produce. Click here.


Loom Knitted Handing Potholder

Macramé potholders are so stylish at the moment, and with this pattern you can create your own loom-knitted version. Try hanging one in the bathroom, or hang in groups for a fantastic effect. Click here.



Cut-Out Greeting Cards

These handmade cards are perfect for book lovers! Use a page from one of their favourite books as the background to make it really personal and unique. Then pick an animal or any shape you like to layer over the top. Click here.

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