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Cut-Out Greeting Cards

paper project

These handmade cards are perfect for booklovers! Use a page from one of their favourite books as the background to make it really personal and unique. Then pick an animal or any shape you like to layer over the top. In this project we've used a simple rabbit shape which will contrast well with the background.

 book art greeting cards


Pages from an old book

Colored card stock


Tracing paper

Black pen

Cutting mat

Craft knife



Kitchen knife

Glue stick

Rabbit Template

Wheat Template


greeting card step 1

1. Using the pencil and tracing paper, trace the rabbit and wheat template, and transfer these on to a page from the old book.


greeting card step 2

2. The template is simply an outline, so that you can fill in each one with any pattern you like. Use the black pen to make patterns of circles, stripes, flowers, and swirls to fill the shape (use the photographs for inspiration if you like).


greeting card step 3

3. Place the page on the cutting mat and use the craft knife to cut out the wheat shape.


greeting card step 4

4. To make the roughly torn edge to the paper, first mark out in pencil a rectangle around the rabbit and wheat images. The rectangle should measure approx. 5 x 4in (12.5 x 10cm). Make sure that you center the image within the rectangle. Line up the ruler along one of the lines marking the side of the rectangle and tear away the paper up to the ruler. Do this to all four sides, then rub out any pencil marks that may be showing.


greeting card step 5

5. Take a piece of colored card stock measuring 12 x 6in (30 x 15cm). With the pencil, mark the middle point (at 6in/15cm) along the top and bottom edge of the card. Score a line down the middle of the card by lining the ruler up to the two pencil marks and running the back of a kitchen knife down the length of the ruler.


greeting card step 6

6. Fold the card stock in half along the scored line to make a 6 x 6in (15 x 15cm) card. Stick the page with the rabbit design onto the front of the folded card stock, centering the torn page on the square.


finished greeting card


For more projects perfect for book lovers, check out Book Art by Clare Youngs.


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