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Loom knitted handing potholder

loom knitting

Macramé potholders are so stylish at the moment, and with this pattern you can create your own loom-knitted version. Try hanging one in the bathroom, or hang in groups for a fantastic effect.



  • 11oz (300g) of 1/8in (3mm) cream cord
  • 4 3/4in (12cm) diameter round loom, with 24 pegs set 3/4in (18mm) apart
  • Knitting tool
  • Tapestry needle
  • 4 3/4in x 1in (12 x 2.5cm) piece of cardstock
  • Sewing needle and white thread
  • Scissors
  • 5 1/2 in (14cm) long x 4b3/4in (12cm) diameter metal pot


  • Approx. 20in (50cm) long, without tassel



1. Make a slip knot and place it on the first peg of the loom. Cast on 24 stitches, using the e-wrap technique.

2. Number the first peg as 1, and the next 2 pegs to the right as 2 and 3, as shown in the illustration.

3. Knit the stitch on peg 1.


4. Take the yarn around both pegs and knit the stitches on pegs 2 and 1.


5. Take the yarn around all 3 pegs and knit the stitches on pegs 3, 2, and 1.


6. Steps 3 to 5 complete the stitch sequence. Renumber the pegs one step to the left, so peg 1 becomes peg 2, the peg to its left becomes peg 1, and peg 2 becomes peg 3. Repeat the stitch sequence on these 3 pegs.

7. Continue knitting in rounds in this way, until the piece is 51/2in (14cm) long.

8. Now decrease, by placing alternate stitches onto the next peg along so there are 2 stitches on every other peg. Knit 2 rounds.

9. Bind (cast) off , using the gather bind (cast) off method.

10. Make a tassel by wrapping cord lengthwise around the piece of cardstock 20 times. Thread a 8in (20cm) piece of the cord through the loops.


11. Tie the short length of cord into a tight knot at the top of the loops. Remove the cardstock and wrap another piece of cord around the neck of the tassel, pulling it tight and then threading the loose ends down through the tassel to secure. Unravel the cord ends to make a bushier tassel.


12. Sew or tie the tassel to the bottom of the potholder.

13. Cut nine lengths of cord 60in (1.5m) long. Thread 3 of them through a suitable gap in the top edge of the potholder, fold in half and then braid (plait) the cords— there will be 2 cords in each bunch of the braid.


14. Repeat with the other 2 bunches of 3 cords, spacing them evenly apart around the pot holder so there are 3 braided cords coming off the top edge.

15. Loop the 3 braid ends into a ring and then wrap around them with cord and then around the neck to create a hanging loop. Sew the wraps in place securely with the sewing needle and thread. Push the pot into the potholder and it’s ready to add a potted plant.




This project is from Loom Knitting by Lucy Hopping.

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