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Basic Loom Knitting Techniques

loom knitting


The e-wrap cast on is the easiest method of casting on and creates a fairly loose and flexible first row. It is called an e-wrap because it looks like an “e” when viewed from above.


1 Create a slip knot and place it on the first peg of the loom. You can either use the anchor peg, which is the peg on the side of the loom, or choose one on the main loom. Mark with a stitch marker so you know where each row begins.

2 Holding the working yarn in your left hand, and with the loom in front of you in your right hand, work in a clockwise direction. Take the working yarn around the back of the peg, and come round to the front and then behind the peg again.

3 Repeat around the whole loom. Be careful to keep the gauge (tension) even and fairly tight and don’t let go of the working end, as your whole row will unravel!

4 Go around the loom a second time, but after each wrap, hook the bottom wrap over the top one using the knitting tool to secure it in place.

5 Repeat all the way around to complete the cast on.



This method creates a gathered/closed end, which is perfect for hats and some types of bags.


1 Cut the working yarn, leaving a 24in (60cm) tail, and thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.

2 Starting on peg 1, thread the needle through the loop and pull through. Repeat around the loom.

3 Gently remove the knitting from the loom and pull the working yarn until the top is closed. Thread the working end through the center hole and work a couple of stitches on the wrong side to secure it in place, then trim the end.


Try a loom knitting project on our blog or check out Loom Knitting by Lucy Hopping.

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