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Paper Rose

Clare Youngs flower gift mixed media paper upcycling

We always love Clare Youngs’ gorgeous book art designs, and this paper rose is a perfect project just in time for Valentines Day.

 book art paper rose


Pages from an old book

Small length of wire (florists’ or craft wire)

Wire cutters


Glue and a glue stick


Tracing paper



To make the stem: cut some wire approx. 9in (23cm) long. Cut narrow strips of paper approx. 1⁄2in (1cm) wide from the pages of the book and run a glue stick along the length of paper. Wind the strips around and along the length of the wire to cover it.


To make the center of the rose: cut a strip of paper approx. 1 1⁄3in (3.5cm) wide. Place some glue along the lower edge of the strip and wind it around the top of the wire stalk. Try to keep the center tight for a few turns, then loosen the strip slightly as you wind, sticking the lower edge a tiny bit farther down the stalk as you wind.

To make the petals: use the pencil, tracing paper, and the template to trace the shapes, then transfer these onto the pages from the book. Vary the sizes of the petals, making some wider and some smaller. Cut out the petals using the scissors.


Starting with the smaller petals, place a dab of glue at the base of the petal and stick it in position, lining up the base of the petals with the bottom edge of the rose center. Continue adding petals, increasing in size toward the outer edge. Use your fingers to curl the tips and sides of the petals slightly.


Using the pencil, tracing paper, and the template, trace a few leaf shapes, then transfer and cut these from pages of the book. Place a blob of glue at the base of the leaves and stick these to the stalk.


For more projects like this, check out Book Art by Clare Youngs.

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