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Mini Stenciled Planters

mixed media stencil

A collection of little pots is a lovely way to display small succulents or windowsill herbs. The ones used here were bought as a set, but mismatched containers in different sizes and materials can also look great. This is a quick and simple project using a small, irregular triangle border.

Modern Stencils



group of pots

spray adhesive and

low tack tape

stencil brushes (one for each color)

cream and gray stencil paint

scrap paper


1 ❘ Using the template prepare the stencil.

2 ❘ Lightly coat the back of the stencil with spray adhesive and place it on the top of the pot. If you are using a round pot, it will also be necessary to fix the stencil in position on either side with some low tack tape.

3 ❘ Dip the tip of one of the stencil brushes into the paint and remove as much as possible on the side of the pot. Rotate the brush on a piece of paper to remove any excess paint.

4 ❘ Apply the paint in a small circular motion, then carefully lift the stencil and reposition, overlapping the last triangle at the side. Continue around the circumference of the pot. It is unlikely that the pattern will meet in a perfect repeat, so either leave a small gap or overlap the design a little if necessary.

Modern Stencils  Modern Stencils



The pots I’ve used here are ceramic, but concrete, terracotta, or metal would all be suitable surfaces.

As ceramic is a smooth, non-absorbent surface, it is important to have as little paint as possible on the brush.


For more stencil projects, check out Modern Stencils by Nicolette Tabram.

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