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Origami Apple

The apple is one of the most popular fruits in Japan. Among them, a large apple called “Fuji” is tinged with pink and is also sweet and juicy. Mari Ono uses this variety as the basis for my own origami apple model.



1 sheet of 6in (15cm) square paper


1. Fold the paper in half corner to corner through the design to make crease. Open out and fold bottom point up the central crease, finishing just above the line of the side points. Next, fold in the side points so that they meet in middle.


2. Turn the paper over and fold the top point forward between the tops of the vertical edges.


3. Next, fold up the bottom point so that the right-hand diagonal edge runs horizontally along the top of the model, then repeat on the left-hand side.


4. Open out these last flaps and refold them so that the corner of the paper comes to the front of the object. Press down so that new folds are created and the corner of the paper sits proud of the square shape of the model.


5. Turn the paper over and fold in all four corners, ensuring that the bottom ones are turned in more than those at the top and at a greater angle.


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