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The Lucky Dip Chair

A kitchen chair is one of the most versatile pieces we can have in our homes – not just in the kitchen or dining room, but in other spaces as well. This simple project, in which a chair is painted to look as though it has been dipped in colour, is perfect for beginners. You can use any hue you like, or paint several chairs in different shades for a mismatched look.

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Sanding block

Painter’s tape


Sash paintbrush

Tack cloth

Satinwood paint

Clear, water-based varnish

Painter’s tape


1. The top of the chair will not be painted, so sand this area right back to remove all the varnish. Scuff sand the remainder of the chair so that the paint will adhere to the surface.

2. Using painter’s tape, mark the line where you are going to paint from. Press down the edges of the tape firmly to prevent the paint from seeping underneath – this will ensure you get a clean line.

3. Now it is time to prime the lower part of the chair, up to the painter’s tape. A sash paintbrush will give you the greatest control. There are lots of awkward areas to cover, so turn the chair upside down at first. Paint everything you can see, then flip it over to paint the rest. Leave to dry.

4. Sand back lightly to smooth any imperfections, especially any excess primer around the spools, then wipe away the dust using a tack cloth. This will help you achieve a better finish.

5. Paint over the primer using your chosen colour. As before, go over the painter’s tape, without getting any paint on the area that will be left bare.

6. While the paint is still wet, slowly remove the tape to reveal the sharp paint line and the dipped paint look. Leave to dry completely.

7. This is optional, but if your chair has visible screws like this one, you can paint them the same colour as the chair base. Most satinwood paints are suitable for both wood and metal surfaces. Protect the surrounding wood with painter’s tape, then prime and paint the screws. Leave to dry.

8. Seal the top of the chair with a clear, water-based varnish to protect the bare wood. Leave to dry completely and then your chair will be ready to use.



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