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Dinosaur Footprints

Have you ever found the fossil of a dinosaur’s footprints? If not, you can make a pair of your own from a single sheet of origami paper! After cutting the design of the footprints in half with a pair of scissors, it just takes a couple of easy folds.

Origami Dinosaurs 

1. Cut the paper in half from corner to corner between the two designs then fold each one in half, making a crease down the middle of the paper.

Origami Dinosaurs Origami Dinosaurs


2. Open out the paper and fold the two side points down so that the edges of the paper meet along the centre line.

Origami Dinosaurs 


3. Fold back the right-hand point at an angle and press down so the corner of the paper lifts up. Press this down making a crease stretching most of the way across the model.

Origami Dinosaurs Origami Dinosaurs 


4. Repeat on the left-hand side to finish the footprint.

Origami Dinosaurs


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