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Leafy Wrap and Gift Tags

Giving and receiving gifts is always wonderful but when they are wrapped in handmade paper it becomes something very special. It’s simple to make, the results are beautiful, and your friends and family will appreciate all the care you have put into it. Complete the look with some pretty matching gift tags!

Foraged and Recycled Art 

You will need

Selection of leaves and foliage

Paper (Clare uses a roll of white craft paper and some brown parcel paper)

Spray paint (Clare uses chalk paint)

Sticky tack (optional)

Paint in one or two colours (Clare uses acrylic)


Card stock (card) for the gift tags (Clare uses grey board)



Craft knife

Cutting mat

Hole punch



1. To make the wrap using spray paint, arrange the foliage on the paper. I used some fern fronds. Spray over the foliage and the whole surface of the paper with the spray paint, making sure you are spraying directly down onto the leaves. If you find the leaves are curling up a bit and the paint is going underneath them, secure them down with a few small pieces of sticky tack. Lift the leaves away from the paper.

2. To make the printed wrap, first select some leaves. Using a paintbrush, paint all over one side of their surfaces, on the leaves and the stalks. I like to paint the back of the leaves as the centre rib and veins are more prominent on that side. Position the leaves on the paper, paint side down. Rub all over the leaves to transfer the paint to the paper. You may find it helpful to lay a thin piece of paper over the leaves before rubbing them. Lift up the paper covering the leaves, if using, then lift away the leaves. Repeat this process to build up your design over the whole of the paper. If you would like to create leaf prints in two colours, let the first colour dry before creating prints with some more leaves and a second paint colour.

3. To make the tags, use a pencil and ruler to draw some oblong shapes on the card. I made mine 2 x 4¾ in (5 x 12cm). Place on a cutting mat and use the ruler and a craft knife to cut out the shapes. Print these in the same way, using either of the methods above.

4. Use the hole punch to punch a hole at one end of each tag, making it central and ½ in (1cm) down from the top edge. Thread some string through the hole to complete the tag.


This project is from Foraged and Recycled Art by Clare Youngs. To get more blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox - be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.

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