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Eco-resin Coasters

Use terrazzo effects to make a beautiful set of coasters for drinks or candles. If you’re making Hazel’s coffee filter also featured in the book, you could create a set to go with it.

Eco-resin Crafts


You will need

Circular lids from cardboard ice cream tubs (one for each coaster you are making—I made a set of four)

Cloth/paper towel

Finishing oil/wax

15oz (450g) eco-resin powder

6oz (180g) liquid polymer

Mixing bowl


Pigment—no more than 3⁄8oz (12g) (optional)

2–3 handfuls terrazzo chips (optional)

16 small mother-of-pearl tiles (optional)

Sanding equipment


1. Clean and dry the lids from your ice cream tubs. Use a cloth or paper towel to rub the inside of the lid with a small amount of finishing oil or wax. This will help the coasters release from the moulds. I recommend preparing at least four lids so that you can pour them at the same time to create a matching set.


2. Mix your eco resin and add any pigments or terrazzo chips you are using. Terrazzo works well but you can also use a solid colour or marbling. If you are using mother-of-pearl tiles like the ones shown in the photo opposite, place four into each mould in your desired pattern.

3. Pour the mixture into your moulds, gently tap the sides, and pop any surface bubbles with your stirrer or spatula. Leave to fully set. Do not be tempted to remove the coasters too early as you may break them. Once dry, peel away the moulds.


4. Wet sand each coaster to flatten both sides and reveal any terrazzo patterns. Clean away any residue and leave the coasters to fully dry.


5. Finish each coaster with your oil or wax, and buff with a paper towel.



To create lovely chunky terrazzo coasters, pour one set of coasters and then use your hands to break them up into pieces after about 5–8 minutes, before they fully set. Place the pieces into another set of moulds and pour a contrasting colour into the gaps.


This project is from Eco-Resin Crafts by Hazel Oliver. To get more free projects like this one - direct to your inbox - sign up to our mailing list here.

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