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Fruity Collage Cards

Clare Youngs paper

You don’t have to look far to find some great material for making collages. Pick up an old magazine and tear out the colorful pages and you can create colourful cards to send to friends and family tomorrow for World Card Making Day.

creative collage 


❍ 3 sheets of colored card stock (card) measuring 12 x 63⁄4 in. (31 x 17 cm)

❍ Pencil

❍ Ruler

❍ Blunt knife, or similar, for scoring


❍ Tracing paper

❍ Masking tape

❍ Craft knife

❍ Cutting mat

❍ Collage scraps in different colors

❍ Scissors

❍ Glue stick


creative collage

1 To make the pineapple card, use a pencil and a ruler to mark the center of each long edge of a sheet of card stock (card). Use the blunt knife and the ruler to score the card between the two marks.


creative collage

2 Trace out the pineapple template and transfer it to the front of the folded card, positioning it in the center. Use the craft knife to cut out the shape, protecting your work surface with a cutting mat.


creative collage

3 Cut out a number of small triangles from your paper scraps. I make a card stock (card) template to cut around using a small pair of scissors. Lay several papers on top of each other to cut a few triangles at a time.


creative collage

4 Cover the inside of the card with triangles, working in rows from the centerfold.


creative collage

5 Follow Steps 1 to 4 to make the banana card. To make the collage, use small sections of torn paper.


creative collage

6 Follow Steps 1 to 4 to make the pear card. Covering the inside of the card by sticking small strips of paper in rows.


Get Creative

This project lends itself nicely to a whole range of variations. Big letters or numbers work well and make lovely personalized cards for friends. Find a suitable letter or number in a magazine and enlarge it to the right size. Alternatively, you could print one from your computer.


For more collage projects, check out Creative Collage by Clare Youngs.


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