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DIY Tree Slab Coffee Table

DIY Hester van Overbeek mixed media upcycling

Gorgeously simple, this upcycled coffee table is a perfect project for DIY beginners...

DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

This side table is so easy to make and will introduce some rustic charm to your living space. All you need is a thick tree slice and four legs. The hairpin legs I used are 8 inches (20cm) high—the perfect height next to a comfy chair. I used legs in an untreated metal, but you can buy these legs spray painted in a range of colors if you prefer a bright color pop.

The tree slice that makes the top of the table needs to be dried correctly and treated against bugs. You can buy these slabs from a garden center or farm store, but mine came from my parents’ contractor—he heard I like rustic-looking things so he got his chainsaw out and sliced some pieces from an old tree trunk. As you can see, the wood developed a crack while drying, but this is a detail I really like as it makes the table unique.


You will need:

  • tree slice—mine is roughly 18 inches (45cm) wide and 11⁄2 inches (4cm) thick
  • palm sander
  • 4 hairpin legs, 8 inches (20cm) long
  • drill
  • screws
  • wood oil, such as teak oil (optional)
  • lint-free cloth (optional)


DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

1. Use the palm sander to sand the top of your tree slice as smooth as you can. I like to retain the original saw marks, so I sanded it just enough to remove any ridges.


DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

2. Place the slab sanded side down and position the four legs in a square shape on the slab.


DIY Upcycled Coffee Table

3. Drill the legs to the slab. If you wish, you can oil the tabletop to condition the wood and make the table easy to clean. Just apply a small amount of the oil to an old lint-free cloth and rub it into the wood.


For more upcycling DIY inspiration and projects, check out Made with Salvaged Wood by Hester Van Overbeek.


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