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Top 5 Crochet Projects


These simple crochet projects will make beautiful gifts for loved ones or simply add a splash of colour to your home. 
1. Birthday Wreath
Small enough to post and much more fun than a shopbought card, this wreath from Crochet Wreaths and Garlands is decorated with balloons so it’s suitable for many occasions. Personalise it with your own message on the tag. 
Mindful Crochet
2. Mad Hatter's Tea Cosy
Combine a crazy pop of colour with a texture stitch and you have a tea cosy to brighten the gloomiest of days! Let this pattern ground you on days when anxiety is high; allow yourself time to focus on the pleasure of making the stitches pop, whilst occupying the working memory with the simple pattern from Mindful Crochet by Emma Leith.
Modern Crocheted Blankets, Throws & Cushions
3. Bermuda Triangles
Divided by colour theme - Bright and Beautiful, Warm and Rich, and Neutral and Natural - Laura Strutt brings you a range of modern designs in Modern Crocheted Blankets, Throws & Cushions. In this project, Laura's crocheted triangles tessellate neatly, creating a contemporary, geometric cushion panel in cool blues. Try this tutorial for a beautiful blue bermuda triangle cushion.
Crocheted throws and wraps
4. Rainbow Baby Blanket
This scrap yarn project from  Crocheted Throws and Wraps by Melody Griffiths echoes the thrifty quilts made by joining narrow strips of fabric. Just collect a rainbow of colours, work them in simple striped strips then join the strips to make a blanket.
Crocheted Peach bag
5. Peachy Crocheted Bag
Whatever the weather, you're bound to have a summery spring in your step with this peach shaped crocheted bag swinging at your side. Try the tutorial from 35 Crocheted Bags by Emma Friedlander-Collins here.
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