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6 Knitting Projects You Can Do This Weekend

These projects are for crafters of every level. Whether you're a beginner or a little more advanced, these tutorials are easy to follow and you'll have something beautiful to display in your home once you've finished! Whether you're making a gift for someone or just trying out a new hobby, why not try one of these projects?

1. Loom Knitted Handing Potholder
Macramé potholders are so stylish at the moment, and with this pattern you can create your own loom-knitted version. Try hanging one in the bathroom, or hang in groups for a fantastic effect.
Color Block Knits
2. Herringbone Pillow Cover
This is a really thick, padded stitch that makes a great pillow cover. The bright pink pompom edging zings out against the lovely, color-blocked greens; a tassel edging would work equally well. This pillow is backed with fabric, but you could make a second panel for the back instead -although you’ll then need twice as much yarn. Try the tutorial here.
Knitting Stashbusters
3. Knitted Owl Lavender Bag
This wise little owl, with his simple textured front, will keep your linens smelling floral-fresh and is a fantastic way to use up any leftover yarn. Tuck it among your small clothing items or add a loop of ribbon if you want your lavender bag to adorn a coat hanger. Follow the simple tutorial here
4. Star and Pompom Garland
This star and pompom garland from Cute and Easy Little Knits would work really well in a baby or child's room. It’s so pretty, it’s tempting to hang it anywhere around the house! Follow the tutorial here.
cat hairband
5. Knitted Cat-ears Headband
This is the perfect understated cute-creature look for little ones (and maybe even big ones too!) You could choose any shade of yarn for your headband so there’s nothing to stop you whipping up a cluster of adorable hairbands to match every outfit. Try the tutorial here.
Knit Your Own Dolls
6. Mermaid Marion

Fiona Goble's Knit Your Own Dolls is full of unique, colourful characters you can bring to life and personalise, and the book's cover star Mermaid Marion is one of our favourites. This beloved mythical icon is sure to be a fun, relaxing knitting project and, once you're done, a fabulous addition to your collection.


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