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Yarn Bowl

Your friends and family will be “bowled” over by this little yarn bowl from String Craft by Lucy Hopping. It is made from a simple handmade cord, created by joining yarn strands with a machine zigzag stitch, which is then coiled and sewn together by hand.


You will need

Cotton Aran yarn in mustard, teal, green, burnt orange, pinky-red


Sewing machine

Coordinating sewing thread



1. Take three pieces of yarn, each a different color and each a slightly different length: 20 in. (50 cm), 30 in. (75 cm), 40 in. (100 cm). Align one end of each and start sewing the lengths together using zigzag stitch on the sewing machine.

2. As each color of yarn runs out, replace it with another color to create an ever-changing colored cord. Keep making the cord until it is about 22 yd. (20 m) long.

3. Now start making the bowl. Neaten one end of the cord by trimming and then fold the end over on itself by 5/8 in. (1.5 cm). Stitch in place with a few tiny hand stitches. Then begin coiling the cord, stitching it around this center section until the base is as large as you require.

4. To build up the sides, begin coiling the cord on top of the last round of the base, stitching in place as you go.

5. For the wave detail, create loops with the cord all round the bowl and stitch in place with a couple of stitches between each wave.

6. Continue working rows of cord and wave details until the bowl is the desired size and shape.


This project is from String Craft by Lucy Hopping. To get more free projects like this one - direct to your inbox - sign up to our mailing list here. 

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