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Washi Tape Chest

Painting furniture can seem daunting, as once you have painted a piece of wood, it feels like there is no way back. (There is, of course, but it involves a lot of sanding!) In addition, you might not know which colours you want to live with, so testing out a non-permanent colour scheme can only be good. In these cases, cue the washi tape! This tape is easy to remove, so it’s the perfect partner for the craft beginner or the fickle of mind. Simply stick the tape to a chest of drawers to create great geometric patterns that almost look painted on.


You Will Need:

• chest of drawers

• washi tape

• scissors


1. Gather together your washi tapes.

2. Have a look at which colours go well together. If you are decorating four drawers, you will want to pick four colours that complement each other. By lining up the reels of tape next to each other, you can decide which combinations you like best.

3. Start sticking lengths of tape to your drawer, making different sized triangles, squares, and other geometric shapes.

4. Press the tape on by sliding your finger over it. Washi tape is made from paper and sometimes needs a little help adhering correctly.

5. Cut the ends of the tape in neat straight lines for a professional finish.

6. Simply repeat the process on the remaining drawers, using different coloured tapes to complete your design.


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