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Twig Garland

Create a haven of coziness and calm that embraces you as you walk through the door with Chris Myers’ effortless styling ideas and tips from The Natural Cozy Cottage. Wherever you live, in an urban apartment, town house, or country cottage, you'll be inspired to bring comfort and happiness into your space.

Twigs and vines can provide an abundance of creative ideas from nature’s floor. It's extremely satisfying using the variety of materials that nature provides, not to mention free!

The Natural Cozy Cottage 




Garden snips/secateurs

Twinkle lights (optional)

Fresh or dried hydrangea blooms



1. Put two twigs together and attach them together with wire, bending them to create a circle. Keep adding twigs until you have a wreath you like. 

2. Alternatively, to make a straight garland, hang up a long piece of wire, then attach twigs securely along it.
3. Once all the twigs are in place, thread through the twinkle lights, if using.
4. Add hydrangeas and leaves to finish your garland.


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