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Paper Daisy Chains

These pretty little chains can be looped around a mirror or draped around a table setting—you can use them individually or group several together. For speed you can buy a flower punch, but Denise enjoys making them from her own templates. Use string to join them for a softer look.

Making Paper Flowers


You will need:

Thin white paper

Handmade mulberry paper in pale green

Craft knife and cutting mat


Pin and toothpick

Thin silver-colored wire and wire cutters

White (PVA) glue

Yellow tissue paper

Round-nosed pliers


1. Using this template cut out ten large and ten small flowers from white paper and 20 flower backs from pale green. Put the flowers onto a sponge and make an indent along the length of each petal by pressing the back of a craft knife or piece of thin wire along it.

2. Cut ten 5in. (12.5cm) lengths of wire for the stems. Bend each wire into a gentle curve. Cut ten strips of pale green paper, ¼in. (6mm) wide and approximately 10in. (25cm) long. Smear a little glue on the back of a strip and wrap it around the wire at an angle of 45 degrees to cover it. Trim off the excess and let dry. Cover all the stems the same way.

3. Glue two green backs together for each flower, then pierce a hole in the centre with something large enough so the wire will go through easily; I used a pin and then a cocktail stick to widen it. Push a green back onto each wire for 1in. (2.5cm) or so. Pierce a hole in the center of a pair of flowers and slide them down the stem, so they are slightly above the green back.

4. Tear off nine thumb-sized pieces of yellow tissue paper for each large daisy and five for each small one. Pierce a hole through one set and push them onto the wire. Make a small circle at one end of the wire with the round-nosed pliers and bend it over at a right angle to the wire. Repeat for the other flowers.

5. With a little diluted glue between your thumb and forefinger, scrunch the yellow tissue paper around the wire circle to form a loose ball. Repeat for the other flowers. Push the flowers back up to the yellow ball while it is still tacky. Add a little glue behind the flower and slide the green back up to it.

6. Arrange the daisies in a circle; I alternated the sizes. Make a small loop at the end of one stem, making sure it is a complete circle otherwise the daisies will fall out. Thread a daisy stem through this and make a loop at the end of that stem. Keep threading and making loops until the last daisy, then twist the last stem around the first to complete the chain. Bend and tweak the wires if you want to alter how the daisies fall.



The daisy chain could just be hung down in a straight line or looped along like bunting—make the chain in exactly the same way but do not join the ends. Or consider making the flowers in a bright color for a different look.


This project is from Making Paper Flowers by Denise Brown. To get more free projects like this one - direct to your inbox - sign up to our mailing list here.

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