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Scandi Christmas Tomte


It's very common to see these little characters, Tomtes or 'Little Nisse', dotted around homes in Scandinavia & they never fail to make you smile! In Nordic folklore, these mischievous creatures live under house floorboards to lend a hand to the residents, both human and animal, but wont hesitate to play tricks if disrespected. We reckon it's best to leave out a bowl of porridge for them this Christmas Eve just in case...


Scandi ChristmasPhotography by Caroline Arber



Wooden bobbins

Red acrylic paint

Felt in assorted colors (red, gray, black)

Stranded embroidery floss (thread)

Small silver bells

White wool roving

Small buttons



Template on page 121




Hot glue gun


1. Paint the wooden bobbins using red acrylic paint and leave to dry completely.


Scandi Christmas


2. Copy the template on page 121. Fold a piece of felt in half and pin the hat template on the fold. Cut around the template (do not cut the folded part).


Scandi Christmas


3. Fold the hat in half and stitch along the long edge (leave the bottom open) using blanket stitch (see page 108). When you get to the top of the hat, add a small silver bell. You can also blanket stitch around the rim, if you like.


Scandi Christmas


4. Using the hot glue gun, attach the wool roving to the bobbin along with the button (this will be the nose of the Tomte). Place some glue along the inner edge of the felt hat and press the hat firmly onto the bobbin. Make sure that the little nose is just peeping out from under his hat.


Scandi Christmas



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