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Easy Felt Flowers


These bright felt flowers are a great simple project to add a splash of colour to your home all year round. Pop them on your desk at work, in your guest bedroom or even give them as a gift – no watering needed!

 Boho Felt Crafts


Template (optional)

Fake flowers (the inexpensive type you get in home stores)

Felt balls (you can make your own or buy them ready made)

Tailor’s awl

Strong craft glue

Fading fabric marker

Various colors of wool or wool-mix felt (I chose mine to match the felt balls but you don’t have to)


Needle felting tool


1. Take the flower heads off your fake flowers and set them aside.

2. To make a simple bud flower, make a hole in a felt ball with the tailor’s awl.



3. Dip the tip of a fake flower stem in glue, then insert into the hole in the felt ball. Quickly and carefully wipe off any excess glue and leave to dry.

4. To make a full bloom as in the photograph, use the template. Alternatively, you can draw around one of the fake flowers, as shown here. Draw around the template with the fading fabric marker and cut out the felt flower.


5. Position a felt ball in the center of the flower and fold the flower over the bottom half of the ball. Working from the outside of the flower and using the needle felting tool, carefully needle felt the flower to the ball. You can wrap the flower further around the ball and felt it in place to make the bloom more three-dimensional. Make a hole through the flower and into the felt ball and insert a glue-dipped fake stem as in Step 3. Make as many flowers as you wish for your posy.


 This project is from Boho Felt Crafts by Rachel Henderson and Jayne Emerson.

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