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Vinyl Record Coasters


We love the nostalgia of turning your favourite old records into retro coasters. Not only is it a great upcycling project, we reckon they make a great homemade gift for Father’s Day too!

 Creating the Vintage Look


For the coasters:

7-inch vinyl records (singles)

Square cork coasters, about 4 x 4in (10 x 10cm)


Chinagraph pencil

All-purpose glue

Strong sharp pair of longhandled scissors

Sanding block with medium to fine grade sandpaper


1. Place your record down on a flat work surface with the side you want as the top of your coaster facing you. Make sure the label is straight. Place your cork coaster over the top and use the ruler to centre it. Measure from each coaster edge (in the center of one side) out to the widest point of the record and gently move the coaster around until this measurement is equal on all four sides.

Creating the Vintage Look


2. Gently hold the coaster in place and draw round the edge with the chinagraph pencil or marker.

Creating the Vintage Look


3. Using sharp scissors, cut along one side of your marked square, straight across the record and just slightly on the inside of your mark. Go carefully as you don’t want the record to split. Repeat for all four sides. Take care, as the corners will be sharp.

Creating the Vintage Look


4. With a sanding block, lightly sand across one of the corners. Work gently, following the edge of the record, to form a rounded corner. You can lightly sand the straight edge too if you wish, but take care not to scratch the top surface.

Creating the Vintage Look

5. Clean away the dust from the sanding. Turn the record over and apply all-purpose glue to the back. If your record has perforations in it, keep the glue away from these areas, paying special attention to any raised areas. Bring the cork coaster and the record together, align, and push firmly together. You could leave an old telephone directory or catalog on top as they dry to keep the pressure applied. Repeat to make a set.

Creating the Vintage Look


This project is from Creating the Vintage Look by Ellie Laycock.

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