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What type of crafter are you? The Results

Elspeth Jackson Emma Friedlander-Collins Fiona Goble Hester van Overbeek Nicki Trench Tracey Radford Wendy Ward

Did you take our quiz to find out what type of crafter you are? We caught up with some of our authors to find out what results they got...and some of them might surprise you! From knitting and crochet authors to sewers and upcyclers, we've got the results below. Who are you most similar to?

Nicki Trench is...a Dedicated Upcycler!

Nicki Trench

While we all know Nicki for her wonderful crochet and knitting books and workshops, it seems that she actually has the mindset of an upcycler! She's resourceful when choosing materials and enjoys the creative process from beginning to end.

Find out more about Nicki here.

Fiona Goble Impulsive Crafter!

Fiona Goble

Impulsive when choosing what to make she may be, but we think Fiona ended up with this result because she just loves to knit. With creative juices flowing, Fiona makes the cutest animals and other knitted items ever!

Find out more about Fiona here.

Wendy Ward Organised Maker!

Wendy Ward

Wendy tweeted 'Ha no surprise there then #controlfreak' after getting her quiz result... While she might be laughing at her organisational skills, we're sitting here amongst piles of crafty chaos in awe. No wonder her sewing patterns are easy to follow!

Find out more about Wendy here.

Hester van Overbeek is...a Dedicated Upcycler!

Hester van Overbeek

We reckon we could have guessed this one... Hester makes beautiful and unique items for the home using anything and everything she can find; from old furniture to a bag of concrete!

Find out more about Hester here. 

Elspeth Jackson Impulsive Crafter!

Elspeth Jackson

Now this is a small surprise because we happen to know that Elspeth is also super organised, but it seems her creativity and eagerness to make has played a real part in her quiz result! 

Find out more about Elspeth here.

Emma Friedlander-Collins is an Organised Maker!

Emma Friedlander-Collins

If you see the amount of crafty stuff that Emma gets up to with the Crochet Girl Gang, her own Steel and Stitch crochet blog, and the new Stitch Craft and Scissory classes, it’s a good job she’s so organised!

Find out more about Emma here. 

Tracey Radford is an Impulsive Crafter!

Tracey Radford

We’d also consider Tracey a dedicated upcycler as she manages to make brilliant animals and items using the contents of her recycling bin... but Tracey’s impulsive love of making has shone through in her answers.

Find out more about Tracey here

What type of crafter were you?

We’d love to hear whether it came as a pleasant (or unpleasant!) surprise, and whether you think we got it right? Tell us in the comments below, or on Twitter or Facebook. And head over to the quiz if you haven’t found out yet!

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