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Our Favourite Online Craft Stores

Our wonderfully creative craft authors have picked some of their favourite online stores for all your knitting, sewing and craft needs!


1. Fiona Goble: Wool Warehouse

Fiona Goble is a knitting teacher and author of many books, including Knitting Stashbusters.

Wool Warehouse is my current favourite knitting store because they've got a great stock of items and it's easy to find what you're looking for. I also like the fact that it's independently owned.


2. Emma Leith: Gillian Gladrags

Emma Leith, author of Colourful Crochet, is an award winning artist, teacher and magazine contributor specialising in mindful craft.

I love visiting Gillian Gladrags, it’s an emporium of craft haberdashery and is packed with colourful inspiration.  She sells everything from needle felting and weaving kits to bag handles, crochet hooks and wood block printing.  Its the perfect store to dip your toe into something new and fire up your creativity. 


3. Elspeth Jackson: The Village Haberdashery

Elspeth Jackson is a brilliant teacher, maker and founder of Ragged Life. She is the author of Rag Rugs, Pillows, and More.

The Village Haberdashery is a colourful craft haven in West Hampstead that is choc-full of beautiful, modern craft kits, supplies and inspiration. They run great workshops and events too! 


4. Wendy Ward: Beyond Measure

Pattern designer and sewing teacher Wendy Ward is the author of the brand new book, How to Sew Sustainably.

I love Beyond Measure, Grace sources some beautiful tools and equipment as well as commissioning special items from specialist independent makers. Everything I’ve bought from her has been amazing quality and will last for years.


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