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Nicki Trench

crochet knitting Nicki Trench

Nicki Trench is the author of a great number of brilliant knitting and crochet books, craft workshop teacher and columnist. We caught up with Nicki to hear about her latest two books, her favourite yarn to work with and exciting things coming up over the next few months!

Nicki Trench - Knitting and Crochet author

You’ve written a number of fantastic craft books and have worked as a crafter full time for some years now. Can you tell us about your craft career so far?

It all started out as a hobby and a knit night with a few friends. At the time I couldn’t find any yarn shops nearby and there were no online yarn shops, the internet boom was just starting, so for purely selfish reasons I set up my own internet company so that I could have access to yarns easily, online shop Laughing Hens and yarn brand Rooster Yarns

I started writing craft books a few years into that and then eventually moved on from Laughing Hens and Rooster to concentrate entirely on writing craft books, teaching crafts and writing columns and features for craft magazines.

Crochet Sheep Hat

Can you tell us a little bit more about Crocheted Animal Hats and Learn to Crochet? Do you have a favourite project from both? 

I really enjoyed thinking up all the projects in Crocheted Animal Hats. It was fun giving them all characters. It helps in the making. I like Karl the Sheep and Phoebe the Pony.

In Learn to Crochet, there are some lovely projects – sometimes simplest is best. I really love Springtime Throw, the colour combinations work really well and I love blankets. The other project I love is the Chunky Patchwork Scarf. It’s very long! But you don’t have to make it this long. I think this project is contemporary and the colours ping out of the black. Both my daughters have a scarf like this, so it must be cool (mustn’t it?!)

Crochet Chunky Scarf 

Do you have a favourite yarn that you like to work with?

I tend to work with Debbie Bliss yarns. We both seem to have the same taste for colour. Some ranges of yarns just don’t seem to get the shades quite right and they can look a bit off. Colour is terribly important in my work and so I love Debbie’s yarns – mainly the Rialto and Cashmerino ranges.

Crochet Pony Hat 

Aside from crafting, what is your favourite way to pass the time?

I have a very non-crafting hobby. I dance Argentinean Tango. It’s a good way of completely switching off and it gets my body moving. The trouble with working with crafts is it can make you sit for long periods of time. So I dance and travel frequently with that. I also do Kundalini Yoga twice a week, which is a very powerful and meditative yoga, and that keeps my body moving too.

Springtime Crochet Blanket

What can we look forward to from you over the next few months?

I’m very excited about the new projects I’m working on. I’m in the process of designing a Crochet Along Blanket which will be available from my website soon. My Crochet Club is going really strong and I’m excited about some lovely new projects coming up over the coming months.

I’m also going to be running more knitting and crochet workshops in East Sussex. Later in the year, my latest book: Cute & Easy Little Knits will be released; I have really enjoyed working on this book, it reminds me of working on Cute & Easy Crochet; it’s full of really pretty ‘little knits’ which is exactly the kind of thing I like designing.


You can find out more about Nicki over on her lovely new website, or on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. Check out her latest crochet and knitting books here and learn more about her upcoming crochet workshops here.

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