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Laura Strutt

Laura Strutt

Laura Strutt is a skilled maker and a brilliant craft blogger sharing her beautiful creations over on her blog, Made Peachy - where you will also find some great giveaways! We got together with Laura to chat about her new book, Get Knooking, and her best advice for new craft bloggers...


 Laura Strutt


Hi Laura, you work across a huge range of crafts, from knitting and crochet, to weaving and much more! Do you have a favourite?

It would be impossible for me to pick a favourite - I enjoy always having a project to work on, whether that is a simple baby knit, or practising calligraphy and hand lettering, or finishing up a quilt.

I enjoy being able to switch between projects that are more challenging and require lots of concentration, to those that are super simple and relaxing to do. Many of the different principles - like working with colours, textures, and styles - can transcend the different craft disciplines - it is great to work with different crafts to experiment and build new skills.


How did your neweset book, Get Knooking, come about?

Knooking has been growing in popularity recently, with more and more people taking up a knook hook and trying the craft for themselves.  I really enjoy creative challenges, so when a collection of Knooking makes was suggested I jumped at the opportunity! Knooking is an incredibly satisfying textile medium with so many creative possibilities- whether you can already knit or crochet or you’re completely new to yarn crafts!


Get Knooking 


Do you have a favourite project from the book?

I really enjoyed making the projects for this book, but I especially enjoyed working on the garments as there aren’t a huge number of patterns for garments made by knooking out there somit was a fabulous challenge! I love the Slouch Cardigan & the Kimono Cardigan!


Aside from crafting, what is your favourite way to pass the time?

So many crafts are indoors activities and more often than not when I'm not working on a craft project I like to be outdoors in the fresh air! We have an adorable little dog, so hiking with him is one of the best ways to clear the cobwebs, get some exercise and get out into nature for some inspiration! 



What are some of your favourite craft Instagram accounts?

Instagram is a great place to find inspiration & to feel part of the bigger creative community online. There at some fabulous accounts but I really enjoy the hand lettering & illustration of Stephanie Baxter @stephsayshello, the artwork of Mab Graves @mabgraves, the Fine art nature of Charlotte day @charlottepaints, and for knitting inspiration I like Julie Crawford @knittedblissjc.


If you could give one piece of advice to new craft bloggers, what would it be? 

Have fun and enjoy yourself! I think we are all drawn to people that are passionate and excited about something- it almost doesn't matter what the subject is, if you are enthusiastic about it then it will be sure to spark enthusiasm in readers!


Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?

I’ve been working on some fabulous embroidery projects for a new book which is out later this year - it’s been fabulous to spend some time working on some new stitching designs. I’ve also been trying to fit in some personal projects too - we have just welcomed our second baby so I’ve been going crazy for those super cute baby knits! 


You can browse Laura's current range of books, projects and video tutorials here. Laura's new book, Get Knooking, is out now! To get more fab blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox - be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.

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