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Upcycled Glass Jar Lanterns

mixed media upcycling

Turn old preserve or condiment jars into cute and colorful lanterns with this easy project. They will look great in the garden on those long summer evenings coming our way!

 Handmade Glamping



Scraps of fabric


Craft glue

3 old glass jars, cleaned and with the paper labels soaked off

3 ¼ yd (3 m) 1 mm jewelry wire, cut into 3 equal lengths

Selection of beads and


Battery-operated tea




1. Cut the fabric into ½ x 8 in. (1 x 20 cm) strips. Dilute the craft glue with a little water and dip the strips to coat with glue. Rub off excess glue and then line the inside of the jar with vertical strips of fabric. Repeat with the other jars and leave to dry overnight.


2. Trim any excess fabric around the neck of the jar. Wrap a piece of wire around the neck and twist the end to secure, making sure it is fairly tight because it will be part of the handle.

3. Thread beads and sequins onto the wire: 8–12 in. (20–30 cm) of beaded handle is about right. Twist the remaining wire through the neck wire to hold the handle in place.

4. Thread a couple of beads or sequins onto the end of the wire and then thread the wire end over the neck wire. Keep adding beads or sequins and threading the wire over all round the neck. Cut off excess wire.

5. Place a battery-operated tea light in each jar— since the lanterns are fabric-lined do not use a burning candle.


This project is from Handmade Glamping by Charlottle Liddle and Lucy Hopping.

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