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Rosemary Heart Wreath

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Wreaths are not just for Christmas and the book by Catherine Woram is full of ideas for making wreaths and garlands using all kinds of natural and manmade materials. This rosemary heart wreath looks great hung in the kitchen and would make a lovely gift for a friend that loves to cook! 

How to make a rosemary heart wreath by Catherine Woram

This fragrant wreath, with its simple, heart-shaped design, would look lovely in any room. Decorated with tiny, flower-shaped leaf clusters and hung from a simple ribbon, three of these wreaths would look great displayed together in a row, perhaps in a window.

Rosemary heart shaped wreath hanging on a white wall

You will need

Branches of fresh rosemary

Scissors or hand pruners (secateurs)

Heart-shaped wire wreath frame

Fine wire


Flower-shaped leaf clusters or other small leaves, such as variegated boxwood (Buxus

sempervirens ‘Variegata’), Euonymous, and Elaeagnus ‘Quicksilver’)

25cm oatmealcolored ribbon, 1cm wide, for hanging 

To make the wreath 

Rosemary heart wreath project steps 1 and 2

  1. Cut the rosemary branches into lengths of approximately 25cm, using scissors or hand pruners, and put them to one side.
  1. Start by laying the lengths of rosemary around the wire frame and use pieces of fine wire to bind them securely to the frame. Twist the ends of the wire together to ensure the rosemary is firmly attached. Trim the ends of the wire with the pliers.

Rosemary heart wreath project steps 3 and 4 

  1. Continue to attach the lengths of rosemary to the wire frame until it is completely covered, remembering to trim the ends of the wire with the pliers. Tie short lengths of wire to the smaller leaves and attach these to the wreath in the same way.
  1. Tie the ribbon to the top of the wreath and knot securely to form a hanging loop. Trim the ends of the ribbon diagonally with the scissors to stop them fraying.


This project is taken from Beautiful Wreaths and Garlands by Catherine Woram.

If you make this lovely rosemary heart wreath, then be sure to share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using tag #MAKEetc - we'd love to see how you get on!

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