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Paper-cut winter woodland scene

Clare Youngs nature paper

If you're looking for a simple craft idea to make over the festive break then why not create your own mini winter wonderland with this paper cut project from Clare Youngs? There's still time to make it for friend if you need that extra special homemade gift to put under the tree too.

Paper cut winter wonderland scene in picture frame

How to make a paper-cut woodland scene

This woodland scene with the cheeky fox in the foreground has a charming folk art quality and makes a beautiful handmade gift. You can make it to fit whatever size of square frame you choose.


You will need

Tree Template

Fox Template

Tracing paper


Sheet of white letter size (A4) paper

Cutting mat

Scalpel or craft knife

Square picture frame

Small piece of drawing (cartridge) paper

Contrasting color letter size (A4) paper

Glue stick

Paper cut winter wonderland step 1

Trace the template of the tree and transfer it to a piece of white paper. Cut the paper to the size of the picture frame, centering the tree in the square.

Paper cut winter wonderland step 2

Place the paper onto a cutting mat and cut out the shapes with a sharp scalpel or craft knife.

Paper cut winter wonderland step 3

Trace the template of the front fox piece and transfer it onto the drawing (cartridge) paper. Cut out the fox section. Score the flaps and bend them back.

Paper cut winter wonderland step 4

Remove the glass from the frame and place the contrast color paper into the back. Place the tree cut-out in position on top and hold in place with a couple of dabs of glue.

Paper cut winter wonderland step 5

Add dabs of glue to the flaps on the front fox piece and stick in position on the bottom of the frame.


This project is by Clare Youngs, taken from Handmade Christmas.

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