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Mother's Day Flowers in a Jar

flower gift mixed media string upcycling wood

Give your Mother’s Day bouquet a make over this year and get creative with your gift – your mum is bound to appreciate the homemade effort! This gorgeous string art project looks like flowers in a mason jar, but is made with wood pieces, nails and thread. Don’t be put off if you’re not a woodworking pro; the charm of this project is the rustic, handmade design, so a few wonky nails will only add to the effect!

Flowers in a Jar String Art 

How to make a Flowers in a Jar String Art Display

Mason jars are very trendy—and with this project your jar will never get smashed, the flowers will never wilt, and you can hang it on a wall!

You will need

Template (actual size)

Tracing paper


3 pieces of wood, each approx. 7¼ x 3½ in. (18 x 9 cm)

Approx. 6 x 10 in. (15 x 25 cm) piece of wooden board

130 nails, size 5/8 in. (15 mm)



Lilac cotton thread

Faux flowers

Glue gun (optional)

Flowers in a Jar Step 1 Flowers in a Jar hammering in nails

1. Download the template, print on A4 and trace onto the tracing paper. Arrange the wooden pieces face down, place the board on top, and nail them together, making sure these nails don’t come through onto the front. Turn over so the pieced wood side is facing upward.

2. Tape the tracing paper to the pieced wood. Hammer a nail partly into the wood at each dot of the template. Remove the tracing paper from the wood.

Flowers in a Jar wrapping the thread

3. Take a length of lilac thread and tie one end to one of the nails at the end of a line. Wrap in a figure of eight and then right around both nails. Go on to the next nail and wrap this in a figure of eight with the previous nail, then go right around these two nails.

Flowers in a Jar making the jar with thread

4. Repeat the wrapping along all the nails to create a line of the drawing. Tie off and trim at the end of the line. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to create all the lines of the jar.

5. Thread the flowers through the top of the “jar,” then glue in place with a glue gun, if necessary.

Flowers in a Jar Wood and Nails side view

This project was taken from String Craft by Lucy Hopping - find out more or buy a copy here. You can also try the hand-stitched gift cards project below, the perfect addition to this beautiful flower project for your mum this Mother's Day!


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