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DIY Jewellery Macrame Necklace

jewellery macrame

We heard you lovely lot wanted to see more DIY jewellery projects, so here you go! This macrame necklace will add a touch of style to any outfit. It would also make a great gift...that's if you don't end up keeping it for yourself!

macrame necklace

Alternating lark’s head knot necklace

Combine nylon cord, silky cord, and beads to create this fashionable necklace.

You will need

Gold chain

Macramé board and pins

40in. (1m) length of thick mustard string

35 square metal gold beads

Two 200in. (5m) lengths of 0.5mm olive green nylon cord

Two 200in. (5m) lengths of 0.2mm mustard silky cord

Two 200in. (5m) lengths of 0.2mm khaki silky cord


macrame necklace step 1

1. Pin the chain to the macramé board and then lay the thick mustard string along the central section for approximately 9in. (22.5cm).

macrame necklace step 2 and 3

2. Tie one piece of olive green nylon cord around the chain and thick string at one end of the section where they meet, so that you have two cord ends the same length on each side.

3. Work alternating lark’s head knots along the length of chain and thick string. Thread the ends up through the knots and trim to finish the first row.

macrame necklace step 4

4. Bend the thick string round and pin in place. Knot the next piece of olive green nylon cord to the string and start working more alternating lark’s head knots, but this time thread the left cord through the right loops of the first row before tying each knot to join the rows together.

5. On the third row, bend the string around as before, and then tie a piece of mustard cord to the string. Work alternating larks’s head knots, this time threading the right-hand cord through the loops on row 2 before tying them. As this cord is thicker, you may need to skip the odd loop to even out the knots.

macrame necklace step 6

6. For the final row, join one mustard and one khaki silky cord together and tie to the string. Work the alternating cords as in step 4, but thread a bead onto one of the left cords as you thread them through row 3.

7. To complete the necklace, thread the string ends up through the second and third rows.


For more macrame projects, check out Macrame Jewelry and Accessories by Lucy Hopping.



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