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Letter Planter


Celebrate spring with this vibrant Letter Planter from Hester Van Overbeek.  Filled to the brim with the most beautiful artificial flowers, it’s the perfect project for your Easter weekend,  and will ensure you have colourful flowers on display all year. Turning your initial into a planter works for almost every letter, but is a little trickier if it’s rounded. If that’s the case, search for different typefaces online to find a simpler shape.


Pallet Wood Projects 


You will need

Plywood, ½ inch (10mm) or thicker

Pallet wood planks

Measuring rule



Palm sander or sandpaper

Glue gun

Hammer and nails

Artificial flowers (Hester’s are from Ikea and Hobbycraft)


1. On your plywood draw a rectangle measuring 14 x 12 inches (35 x 30cm). Draw your letter within this rectangle, making sure all the edges are straight.

2. Cut your letter out using a jigsaw. I’ve found the best way to cut the sharp corners is to cut a soft curve first and then go back and cut out the corner. Sand the cut edges smooth.

3. Line your pallet planks up along the outside of your letter and mark where you need to cut them. Do the same with the inside edges of your letter. Cut the planks and sand them smooth.

4. Glue and then nail the planks to the plywood base.

5.Measure and then cut smaller pieces of pallet wood to fill in the gaps. Glue and nail them in place. Sand any rough edges smooth.

6. Cut the stems off the artificial flowers and arrange the flowers inside the letter. I put more flowers in the top left and bottom right corners for a flowing effect, but you can fill the whole planter as full as you wish or only use a few blooms. Glue them in place when you are happy with the arrangement.

7. To protect your fingers from burning on the hot glue, use a little stick (like this plant marker) to push the flower into the glue.



You can also check out a video tutorial for a K Letter Planter over on Hester's blog!



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