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How to make homemade Christmas decorations

Christmas fabric felt kids mixed media paper

The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we know there's a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. We've put together our favourite festive crafts that look great, but are speedy and simple to make, from Scandi baubles to felt trees that you can set the kids loose on!


Patchwork Quilt Baubles

Once you start this project you are never going to want to stop. It is fun to do with a group of people and a great way to use up your old fabric scraps. They are very light and therefore ideal to use in a garland on a staircase and safe for little hands to touch.

Scandi Christmas

You will need

Selection of fabric scraps

Styrofoam balls, 2in. (5cm) in diameter

Baker’s twine


Sharp knife



    1. Cut up several pieces of fabric. The scraps of fabric can be any size but they look best if you stick to a main colour. You’ll need about 4–5 pieces per bauble.

      Scandi Christmas

        2. Take a piece of fabric and place it on the bauble. Hold the ball firmly against your work surface and, using the back of a knife, gently press the fabric edges into the ball. You do not need to go in very deep—the Styrofoam will “catch” the fabric. Repeat, adding more patches, until the entire bauble is covered.

          Scandi Christmas

            3. Cut a piece of baker’s twine about 6 in. (15 cm) long and knot together to make a hanger for the bauble. Push it into the bauble with a pin—your bauble is now ready to hang!

            Scandi Christmas

            This project is from Scandi Christmas by Christiane Bellstedt Myers.



            Christmas Star

            Using a metallic card and some cutting and folding techniques, make your own simple, shiny star to hang around your home:

            This project is from Paper Pom-poms and other Party Decorations by Juliet Carr.



            Tin Bird Wreath

            Christmas wreaths can decorate the inside as well as the outside of your home, and this beautiful but simple one, entwined with ivy sprigs, is perfect to hang above the fireplace. Little silver tin birds attached to wooden clips sit perched among the foliage and berries. Make a whole flock and clip them to the tree, to gifts, to napkins, or place holders—the possibilities are endless!

             Handmade Christmas


            Tracing paper



            Small piece of aluminium foil from a disposable roasting tray

            Old ballpoint pen

            Wooden clothes pins (pegs) or clips Strong double-sided tape or glue



            For the wreath

            Moss from a florist

            Wire wreath base

            Thin wire


            Silver leaves and decorations


            1. To make the foil bird clips, copy the bird template and pattern onto tracing paper and cut out the shape.
            2. Place the bird shape on a piece of foil and draw around it with a ballpoint pen—an old one that has run out of ink is ideal. Press firmly to indent the tin.

            Handmade Christmas
            3. Cut out the bird shape. Take care, as the edges are sharp, and do not use your best fabric scissors as the blades will blunt very easily! Lay the traced template back on the foil bird and trace the patterns with the ballpoint pen, pressing firmly.

             Handmade Christmas
            4. Attach the bird to the front of a wooden clothes pin (peg), using strong double-sided tape or glue. Repeat steps 1–4 to make as many birds as required.

            Handmade Christmas
            5. To make the wreath, take some moss and start wrapping and pressing it around the wire wreath base. Use thin wire to secure it in place.

             Handmade Christmas

            6. Place the foliage around the wreath by poking it into the moss and securing with wire. Add some silver leaves or strands of small silver decorations for a little sparkle. Clip the foil birds into position amongst the leaves and add a loop of wire to the back to hang.

            Handmade Christmas

            This project is from Handmade Christmas.



            Felt Cone Christmas Tree

            Here's one for the kids! Make miniature Christmas trees decorated with tiny red and green sequins that look like baubles:

            This project is from My First Christmas Craft Book.

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