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5 craft trends we're predicting for 2017

concrete Fiona Goble knitting mixed media nature paper upcycling

We love to knit, crochet, sew and paper craft as much as the next maker, but we're also really looking forward to some new craft trends and exciting ways to get making! Here we've rounded up our predictions for the new year with five crafts we're expecting to see more of. Which one are you most excited about?

Crafting with concrete

Heal's Concrete Tealight Holder Korridor Design

The stylish interiors shops and lifestyle bloggers have been keen on concrete for some time now, but we're looking forward to making our own homeware items using the cement mixture. Easy to get hold of (literally any DIY store) and super hardwearing, this is going to make for some fun DIY home accessories and we think Hester van Overbeek might have a few good ideas up her sleeve...

Hester van Overbeek Concrete Vases

Crafting with books

If you're a book lover and a crafter then this is a really lovely way to bring the two together. It seems that more and more makers on Instagram have been sharing photos of their lovingly folded book art and you can even buy the ready made books on Etsy!

Create Folded Book Art Etsy from Orufun Yamaguchi Yuto

If you're going to have a go yourself then it might take a little patience but Clare Youngs is here to help with a new book in the new year, and isn't it just the greatest twist on paper crafting that you've ever seen? 

Folded Book Art by Clare Youngs

Crafting with nature

Crafting and gardening have always been pals but we think 2017 is going to see even more of the two working hand in hand.

Tiny Tabletop Jar Terrariums with succulents

Interior stylists use nature in the home all the time with flower arrangements, succulent displays and much more. But we think this trend is going to go one step further in the craft world so that plants become the material you are making with or an important part of the artwork you are creating!  

Crafting with nature flower pom pom, wreath and cabbage vase

Crafting with shells and pebbles

"River Stone" Planters

It's definitely not a new trend – we all remember making picture frames with the pebbles and shells we'd collected on the beach as kids! – but this family favourite is taking a new turn in 2017 with stylish plant pots and homeware made using shells and pebbles.

Pebble mosaic plant pots

More Knitted Animals

Knitted animal socks by Fiona Goble

This is the trend that just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Fiona Goble has given us knitted animal hats, knitted animal socks, knitted animal scarves, knitted animal cozies, even knitted animal golf club covers! And now, we're looking forward to Knitted Animal Nursery - the new book coming out in 2017 that could possibly be the cutest one yet. Knitted animals are here to stay!

Knitted Animal hat and bootees ladybug

So that's our predictions for the new year though we're also looking forward to some surprise trends too. Comment below with your suggestions or say hello on Twitter if you think we missed one!

We've now also predicted 5 craft trends for autumn 2017 - read the new blog post here!

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  • Anna on

    Great post! I love the crafts with nature. I would love to try out more book art.


  • Zen on

    Thanks for this! I will take it into consideration when planning my DIY tutorials for 2017 :)

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