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Mini Papercraft Watering Can

mixed media paper recycled crafting

We just love this mini paper watering can from Clare Youngs' Book Art! It's so cute we just had to make it to remind us that Spring is just around the corner!

Book Art

You will need

Pages from a gardening book


Tracing paper

Cutting mat

Craft knife





1. Using the pencil and tracing paper, trace the pieces for the watering can, flowerpot, and flower from the templates and transfer these to one of the pages. Using scissors or the craft knife, cut out all the pieces. I have used black and white text for the watering can but used color for the flowerpot and flower. Mark in the glue flaps, as it is quite important to be precise on this project.

2. To make the watering can: form the main part of the watering can into a tube shape. Glue along the side edge and stick the two edges together.


3. Make some snips all around the edge of the circular base of the watering can, being careful not to go over the marked line.


4. Fold up the snipped edge. Dot glue on the outside of the snipped flaps and insert the circular base into the bottom of the tube, sticking the flaps to the inside of the watering can.


5. Roll the long spout section into a pointed tube shape and apply glue up to the marked line. Stick the two edges together.

6. Form the nozzle of the spout section into a cone shape and glue.

7. Make up the center of the nozzle section as you did the base of the watering can. Cut out the circle for the nozzle of the spout. Cut small slits all around the circle up to the edge of the glue flap marked on the template. Fold the flaps down to form a glue strip. Apply some glue and place inside the top of the nozzle.


8. Cut a strip of paper ½  x 3 ½ in (1cm x 9cm) and cut very thin 1⁄32in (1mm) slits all along the length, leaving 1⁄2in (1cm) uncut at the end. Glue this to the end of the top spout to make the cascade of water.

9. Mark a circle 15mm in diameter at 5⁄8in (1.5cm) up from the base of the can. With the craft knife make slits across the circle in a star formation.


10. Fold the triangle flaps to the inside of the can. Place a blob of glue onto the wide end of the water spout and push it into the hole, directing the end down to the base of the can. Hold this in position for a moment until the glue dries a bit.

11. Cut a strip of paper 1⁄4 x 4 1⁄2in (5mm x 11cm) for the top handle. Place a dab of glue on each end of the strip and stick the ends to the inside edge of the watering can, opposite each other to form a handle.

12. Cut a strip measuring 1⁄4 x 31⁄2in (5mm x 9cm) and fold in each end by 1⁄4in (5mm). Curve the paper into a side handle shape and stick each end to the side of the watering can, positioning it opposite the spout.

13. To make the flowerpot: cut out the pot section using the template. Form the pot section into a tube shape and glue the edges together as you did for the main part of the watering can.

14. Use the template to cut out a circle for the soil. Cut a small slit  ¼ in (5mm) wide in the center of the soil. Use the remaining template to cut out the flower from a colored piece of paper. Insert the stalk of the flower into the slit in the center of the soil. Place the circle of soil into the top of the flowerpot. You shouldn’t need any glue here as the circle will fit snugly into the pot a short way down from the top edge.


For more papercrafting projects like this, check out Book Art by Clare Youngs.

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