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Handmade Block Candles

Start making your own beautiful candles with just a few basic tools and Emma Hardy’s step-by-step instructions. These contemporary block candles are made using empty juice cartons that can be ripped off once the wax has solidified. The inside of the cartons will leave the candles with a stylish, matt finish.

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks



Empty drink carton

Thick cardstock



Wick sustainer

Wax adhesive

Paraffin wax

Dyes (Emma has used pink, purple, and gray)

Double boiler


Wooden spoon

Pitcher (jug)


Small pliers

Wooden skewer



1. Using scissors, cut off the top of the drink carton. Wash and dry the inside of the carton. Fold the cardstock around the carton and tape it in place. This will prevent the sides of the carton from bowing and will help to keep the candle square.

Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks


2. Cut the wick so that it measures the height of the carton, plus about 2in (5cm). Fasten a wick sustainer to one end of it using the small pliers. Take a small piece of wax adhesive and use it to stick the wick sustainer and wick inside the bottom of the carton.

Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks

3. Cut a piece of wooden skewer slightly longer than the width of the carton and rest it across the top. Tie the wick to it so that it is held taut.

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks


4. Melt the wax in the double boiler until it reaches 180°F (80°C).

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks


5. Add small pieces of dye and stir it through the wax to mix it in.

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks


6. Pour the wax into the pitcher (jug) and pour it into the carton to your required height.

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks


7. After about an hour, check the candle and if it has dipped (paraffin wax tends to do so), reheat the remaining wax and top it up to create a flat top.

Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks 


8. Leave the candle for several hours, then remove the wooden skewer. Carefully rip the carton off to reveal the candle. Trim the wick to about ¾in (2cm).

 Handmade Candles & Smudge Sticks



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