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Lacy Bootees

Pretty bootees are always a welcome gift for a newborn baby. These are designed to completely enclose the feet, keeping them warm and cozy, and the lacy legs will keep ankles cozy, too. Ribbon ties help to keep the bootees from falling off.



Cascade Heritage Solids (75% merino wool, 25% nylon) fingering (4-ply) weight yarn, 437yd (400m) per 3.oz (100g) ball

  • 1 ball in White 5682 


Pair of US 3 (3.00mm) knitting needles


2 stitch holders

Tapestry needle

35 1⁄2in (90cm) of 3⁄8-in (10-mm) wide silk or satin ribbon 



Actual size

Foot length: 4 1⁄8in (10.5cm)

Cuff to base of heel: 3 1⁄4in (8cm)

Gauge (tension)

30 sts and 50 rows to 4in (10cm) over stockinette (stocking) stitch using US 3 (3.00mm) needles.




Bootee (make two)

With US 3 (3.00mm) needles, cast on 41 sts.

Knit 2 rows.

Row 3 (RS): P1, [k3, p1] to end.

Row 4: K1, [p3, k1] to end.

Row 5: [P1, k1, yo, skpo] to last st, p1.

Row 6: As row 4.

Rep rows 3–6, 3 times more.

Next row: K2, [k2tog, k5] to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2. 35 sts

Next row: Purl.

Next row (eyelets): K2, [yo, k2tog] to last st, k1.

Next row: Purl.

Shape top of foot

Next row: K23, turn and leave rem 12 sts on a holder.

Next row: P11, turn and leave rem 12 sts on a second holder.

Next row: Starting with a knit row, work in stockinette (stocking) stitch (1 row knit, 1 row purl) on these 11 sts until work measures 2in (5cm), ending with a purl row. Cut yarn

Knit 12 sts from second holder, then pick up and k 16 sts evenly along the side of the top of the foot you have just worked, then k 11 sts on needle, then pick up and k 16 sts down other side of top of foot, then k 12 sts from fi rst holder. 67 sts

Beg with a purl row, work in stockinette (stocking) stitch for 9 rows.


Shape sole

Next row (RS): K2, skpo, k26, k2tog, k3,

skpo, k26, k2tog, k2. 63 sts

Next and every alt row: Purl.

Next row: K2, skpo, k24, k2tog, k3, skpo, k24, k2tog, k2. 59 sts

Next row: K2, skpo, k22, k2tog, k3, skpo, k22, k2tog, k2. 55 sts

Next row: K2, skpo, k20, k2tog, k3, skpo, k20, k2tog, k2. 51 sts

Bind (cast) off purlwise.


To finish

Join back seam and foot seam. Weave in any loose ends neatly. Cut ribbon in half and thread through eyelets.


Knitting notes

One ball of this yarn is more than enough to make these bootees and the matching mittens, so why not make a matching set as a gift? If you are feeling particularly generous, the Traditional Bonnet is also made using the same yarn.


Find more knitting projects for babies in Cute & Easy Baby Knits by Susie Johns. To get more blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox - be sure to sign up to our mailing list here.

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