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Rock Painting Zoo Animals


There are lovely designs here to begin your very own zoo of friendly animals. Once you’ve got started, you can add even more. Looking at pictures of animal cartoon characters might give you some good ideas.

 My First Rock Painting Book

You will need

Round pebbles

Acrylic paints in the following colors: black, white, yellow, orange, and brown

Mixing palette or white plate

Medium and fine paintbrushes

Black fine liner


Paint one pebble white, one orange, one yellow, and two brown and leave to dry. Paint one side and leave to dry and then turn the pebbles over and paint the other sides.

To make the panda bear, take the white pebble and, using a fine paintbrush, paint two black ovals for the eyes, two ears, and a nose and mouth. When the paint is dry, paint two small white circles on the black eyes and leave to dry. Draw a small black dot using the fine liner in both eyes.

My First Rocking Painting Book


For the lion, paint a border of orange paint around the yellow pebble, making the edge a jagged shape. When the paint is dry, use the black fine liner to draw eyes, a nose and mouth, whiskers, and a few dots between the whiskers and the nose. Using the orange paint and a fine paintbrush, paint a stripe of orange paint above the nose and then paint the two ears. Leave to dry.

My First Rocking Painting Book


To make the monkey, mix some white paint with brown paint to make a light brown. Using the artwork above and the photograph on the previous page as a guide, paint a face onto one of the brown pebbles, then paint two ears. When the paint has dried, use the black fine liner to draw two eyes, two nostrils, and a smiley mouth.

My First Rocking Painting Book


For the bear, take the other brown pebble and, using the light brown paint, paint two ears. Paint an oval shape for the nose and two small eyes in white paint. Leave to dry. Draw the nose and mouth onto the nose shape and two black dots on the white eyes.

My First Rocking Painting Book


For the tiger, take the orange pebble and paint a white shape on the bottom of the face, as well as two dots for eyes. Mix a little white and orange paint together and paint a stripe from the top of the white shape to the top of the head. Then paint two ears. With black paint, paint stripes around the face, a line around each ear, and a nose and mouth. With a fine liner, draw whiskers, dots in the white eyes, and a few lines on the ears.

My First Rocking Painting Book


Find more fun projects like this in My First Rock Painting Book by Emma Hardy.

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