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Origami for Kids: Monkey Tutorial

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A cheeky monkey is always happy to see you and ready to play. This origami model of a happy chimpanzee not only shows his cheerful face but also has an opening mouth that will let him chatter away all day. This animal friend is both easy to make and to use. 


You will need:

One sheet of rectangular origami paper (download and print your free template here)



1. Place the sheet with the design side down and fold in half along its length to make a crease, taking care to ensure it runs exactly down the middle.

2. With the sheet open again, turn in each corner so that each point sits on the central crease, with one edge running along it.

3. Fold over the left-hand side of the paper so that its point ends up sitting right on top of the right hand side point.

4. Fold the bottom left point up and to the right so that the left-hand edge of the paper now runs along the central crease. Fold the top point down in the same way.

5. Turn the paper over and fold over the upper sheet from the right-hand side over to the left to reveal the monkey’s face.

6. Lift up the paper and slip your fingers into the folds on the back of the model. Moving them from side to side will open the monkey’s mouth and make it look like he’s talking. 

This extract is from Origami for Kids by Mari Ono. To get more fab blog posts like this one - direct to your inbox - be sure to sign up to our mailing list here. 

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