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Stained-Glass Butterflies

This classic paper craft will enchant younger children. Shapes such as butterflies and hearts (as well as the more traditional stained-glass windows) look great cut from black paper and filled with pieces of brightly coloured tissue paper glued to the back of each shape.


You will need:

Plain paper for template



1 piece letter-sized/A4 black paper for each shape

White pencil

Coloured tissue paper

White/PVA glue

Black pipe cleaners


1. Photocopy the template cut it out using scissors. Place the template on a piece of black paper then draw round it using the white pencil (to make the butterfly shape easier to see). 

2. Use the scissors to cut out the butterfly shape from the black paper. If you are making more than one butterfly, it is easier to cut out all the shapes at once before cutting the holes and sticking on the tissue paper.

3. Using the white pencil, draw softly rounded shapes onto the back of the black paper butterfly. Use scissors to carefully cut out these shapes, which form the holes for the tissue paper.

4. Cut out pieces of tissue paper that are just slightly bigger than the openings and glue to the back of the butterfly shape. Use only a tiny amount of glue, as too much will cause the tissue to get wet and tear. Finish the butterfly with two black pipe-cleaner antennae attached with blobs of glue.


This project is from Easy Paper Crafts for Kids by Catherine Woram. To get more free projects like this one - direct to your inbox - sign up to our mailing list here.

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