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Cardigan Pencil Case

Recycle an old cardigan into a cool pencil case. It will be unique, because you’ve made it yourself! Check with an adult before you use your old cardigan, though. You can add your initials so it won’t get lost at school.

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In this project, you will use:



Sewing on buttons 

You will need:

An old cardigan with button fastenings (ask an adult before you cut one up!)

A pencil

A ruler

Squared paper (for example, from a math book)



Embroidery floss (thread) and needle

Scraps of felt

A pen


1. Using a pencil and ruler, draw a 6 x 10-inch (15 x 26-cm) rectangle on squared paper. Cut it out to make a paper pattern. Do the cardigan buttons up, turn the cardigan inside out, and lay it flat on the table, button side up. Lay the pattern on the cardigan with the buttons about 2 inches (5 cm) from one long edge of the rectangle. Pin the pattern down.

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2. Cut around the pattern, making sure you cut through both layers of the cardigan. Remove the pins and pattern. Pin again to hold the two layers together.

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3. Cut a length of embroidery floss and thread the needle. Starting and finishing with a few small stitches, sew around the rectangle using backstitch. Trim the floss.

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4. Undo the buttons and turn your pencil case the right way out, pushing out the corners to make a nice rectangle.


5. To add your initials to the case, draw letters on scraps of felt with a pen and cut them out. Pin the letters to the front of the pencil case.

Starting and finishing with a knot on the inside, slipstitch the letters in place with embroidery floss. It’s a good idea to put a piece of paper inside the pencil case while sewing on the initials to stop you sewing through both layers of the pencil case. Trim the floss and remove the pins.

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6. Sew on extra buttons if there are any missing. Fill the case with all your pens and pencils!


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