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5 Fun Projects for Kids at Home

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Keep your kids entertained at home with these cheap and easy projects. Most of these simple tutorials can be done using materials you already have laying about the house, from socks to rocks! Try one of the tutorials below for a fun afternoon without ever leaving the house.

 Origami Dinosaur

This origami dinosaur is a cheap, super simple and mess free project perfect for keeping kids busy. You could make your own paper or check out Fun Origami for Kids: Dino! which comes with special patterned paper and more origami projects. Follow the simple tutorial here.

Rock Painting Zoo Animals

You and your kids can make these adorable zoo animals using rocks from right outside your home. Follow the simple designs from My First Rock Painting Book here and start your very own zoo of friendly animals. 

Shaving Foam Marbling

Combining art, science and a whole lot of fun, kids will love creating colourful marbling effect pictures with this crafty science experiment. Follow the tutorial for this cheap and easy project here and create your own shaving foam masterpieces.

Sock Caterpillar

Most households have a few lonely socks that have lost their partners along the way. Put them to good use in this fun, no-sew activity for kids aged 2 and up, taken from Let's Get Crafty with Fabric and Felt. Follow these simple steps to make a cute creature just using an old sock, a few craft accessories and a little bit of imagination.

Felt Butterfly and Flower Barrettes


Felt is a great material for kids to work with, it's so versatile and colourful, they can enjoy making a whole variety of simple projects. These butterfly and flower barrettes are perfect to add that special something to an outfit. You could even choose any colour felt you wanted to match your dress! Try this simple project here.

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