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Origami Apollo Rocket

kids origami

We're upgrading from the classic paper plane to this origami Apollo Rocket! A great mess-free project for kids this Easter with free specially patterned paper...


The Apollo missions took astronauts to the Moon, farther from Earth than man had ever gone before. This model is made with paper that is a reminder of journeys through space. Although the rocket will not fly, it can be hung on a thread from the ceiling. Perhaps you could fold a series of rockets and pretend they are embarking on intergalactic missions above your head.


1. Fold the sheet of 10in (25cm) square paper in half to make a crease from corner to corner, then open it and fold in the other direction.


2. Open out and fold one side over to lie on the other and then fold the sheet in half again.



3. Lift the top flap and open out, pressing it down to form a triangle. Turn the sheet over and repeat on the other side.



4. Fold forward the two outer points of the top flap so that they meet at the bottom of the object. Turn the object over and repeat so that you are left with a diamond shape.



5. Spin the object so that the loose points face away from you, then lift the left-hand flap, open it out, and refold into a square. Repeat on the righthand side.



6. Turn the paper over and repeat on the other side.


7. Fold the upper left -hand flap to the right, then turn over the object and repeat so that the square flaps made in steps 5 and 6 are hidden inside the object.



8. Fold in both sides so that the edges meet along the central crease, then turn the paper over and repeat.



9. Fold the right-hand flap to the left, then turn the paper over and repeat.



10. Open out the upper left-hand flap, refolding it to form a triangle above a square. Repeat on the right-hand side, then turn the paper over and repeat again.



11. Turn up the triangle that has been left at the bottom in the middle, then turn the object over and repeat.


12. To finish, gently open out the four supports of the rocket so that they are evenly spaced.


Download your special patterned paper here.


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