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10 embroidery Instagram feeds to follow

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Whether you love embroidery already or are on the hunt for a new craft, hand embroidery can be used to create beautiful works of art and the inspirations are endless. We've noticed a surge in embroidery accounts on Instagram over the last year and some of them are really putting this traditional craft to the test.

We love the range of bright colour schemes, on-trend artwork topics and modern embroidery designs that are being created right now, so we've rounded up ten of our favourites for you to follow on Instagram for lots of embroidery inspiration and general contemporary crafty goodness. 

Faimy X Stitch

FaimyXCross Embroidery Feed

Follow for amazing embroidered cityscapes, beautiful colour schemes and lots of wanderlust crafting. Follow here.

Ell Violet

Ell Violet Instagram Feed

Transport yourself to another world with Ell Violet’s moody, mystical and magical embroidery designs. Follow here.

Emillie Ferris

Emillie Ferris Instagram Embroidery Feed

Follow for the cutest and most realistic embroidered animals you will ever see! Follow here.

Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan Embroidery Instagram Feed

Follow for bright colours, flowers and lots of lovely nature-inspired embroidery hoops that will make you feel oh, so happy! Follow here.

Sheena Liam

Times New Romance Sheena Liam Instagram Account

You would recognise these black-threaded masterpieces anywhere. Sheena Liam creates amazing embroidered artworks of girls with 3D hair. Follow here.

Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K Benning Embroidery Instagram Feed

If you love greenery and nature, you’ll love Sarah K. Benning’s embroidery creations; from trendy potted succulents to wild forest and palm tree beaches. Follow here.

Chloe Amy Avery

Chloe Amy Avery Embroidery Instagram Feed

Quirky, colourful and totally contemporary, Chloe Amy Avery creates embroidered food artworks with everything from a full fry up to a tiny bottle of Coke in a bottle cap! Follow here.

Charles Henry

Charles Henry Embroidery Instagram Feed

A trendy take on embroidery from a crafty couple, including great architectural designs and some creative artwork. Follow here.


Maricor Maricar Embroidery Instagram Feed

Creativity at it’s best... this sister duo are painting with thread, mixing embroidery with other crafts, and designing beautiful typography. Follow here.

Sarah Timmons

Sarah Timmons Embroidery Instagram Feed

Follow Sarah Timmons for tongue and cheek embroidery (with a fair amount of cheek!)... We love her funny foodie creations! Follow here.


Who are you following on Instagram at the moment? Any exciting embroidery feeds that you think we should know about? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we'd love to hear from you!


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