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Pom pom necklace - knitting project for kids

kids knitting

This colourful pom-pom necklace is an easy-to-make, fun-to-wear, knitting project for kids. Use up your scraps of yarn from other projects to make the pompoms in whatever colour mix you like. You could even make some French knitting bracelets to match!

pom pom necklacePompom Necklace



 One size, approx 12in (30cm) drop



  • 1 x 1¾oz (50g)—approx 127yd (116m)—of Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK, 75% extra fine merino, 20% silk, 5% cashmere, in each of:
  • Yarn A: shade 119 lido
  • Yarn B: shade 124 splash
  • Yarn C: shade 194 seesaw
  • Yarn D: shade 195 puzzle
  • Yarn E: shade 122 honeybunny
  • Yarn F: shade 158 ladybug


  • Use any yarn you wish for the necklace, using up scraps of yarn or mixing weights to create different-sized pompoms


  • Not necessary


  • Pompom makers, various sizes, here they were ¾in (2cm) and 1in (2.5cm) in diameter
  • French knitting bobbin
  • Darning needle


Make eight pompom beads (or the amount you wish) in varying sizes (see below).

Finger-knit (see below) a chain of approx 24in (61cm). Thread the pompom beads onto the chain, using the darning needle to thread the chain straight through the center of each pompom, then tie the chain into a circle.


Using a French knitting bobbin according to the instructions on the pack make lengths of French knitting long enough to go around the widest part of your hand and sew into a loop. You can make some pieces long enough for necklaces, too.

 finger knitting pom pom necklace

How to finger-knit

To finger-knit, make a slip knot and place it on your pointy/forefinger. Wrap another loop of yarn around your finger, closer to the end of the finger. Pull the slip knot over the second loop and off your finger, without dropping second loop – like binding (casting) off. Wrap another loop of yarn around your finger, closer to the end. Pull first loop over second loop and off your finger, without dropping second loop. Repeat for entire length of finger-knitting.


How to make the pom-poms

Pompoms are so simple to make. You can make them from rings of cardboard, but buying a plastic pompom maker is so much quicker and simpler, and you don’t have to make a new one each time you want to make pompoms.

 pom pom step 1

1.Wind yarn around each half of the pompom maker.

pom pom step 2

2. Put two the halves together to make a circle. Carefully, making sure you don’t lose any ends, cut around the outside of the circle.

pom pom step 3

3. Tie a loose end of yarn tightly around the middle of the pompom. Try to wrap it
around another time and tie a knot again to ensure the pompom is tied securely.

pom pom step 4

4. Pull the pompom maker apart to create the pompom.

pom pom step 5

5. Trim any straggly ends of yarn to make a neat ball.


For more knitting projects for kids, check out Knitting for Children by Claire Montgomerie.


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