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Pretty Patchwork

This project couldn’t be simpler and looks gorgeous on a  bedroom wall. You can use a mix of florals and geometrics in a pallete of bright, vibrant colours, using old bits of giftwrap, scraps of wallpaper, and even a section of script typography torn from an old magazine. This is a project that you can easily adapt. Mix geometric patterns with sections cut from old comics, add more typography for a graphic and contemporary look, or mix in sections cut from the kids’ paintings and drawings.

You will need

Templates (download here)
Plain or graph paper
Tracing paper
Masking tape
Thin card stock (card)
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Scraps of paper
Craft (PVA) glue


1. Enlarge the hexagon templates to the right size using a photocopier. Alternatively, scale them up using graph paper. Trace the templates, transfer them to card stock (card), and cut them out. Use a craft knife and protect your work surface with a cutting mat.

2.  Draw around each card template on the backs of different plain and patterned scraps of paper.

3. Cut out your hexagons using a ruler and craft knife for nice crisp edges.

4. Start assembling your patchwork on the wall. Take each the large hexagon, spread glue over the back, and position it on the wall. Align the bottom edge of the hexagon with the straight edge of the skirting board.

5. Continue until you have stuck down all of your large hexagons, keeping an even gap of ¼ in. (8 mm) between each one.

6. To complete the patchwork, stick some of the smaller hexagons onto the larger ones, centering them by eye. You don’t have to put a smaller shape on all of the large ones. It is quite nice to vary it.

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