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Kobako Chocolate Box

In Mindful Origami, Mari Ono guides the reader towards a more mindful lifestyle through the art of paper folding. This small handmade gift box can be filled with chocolate and will ensure any treat presented in it is especially appreciated. If you use a larger piece of gorgeous paper, you can make it into a wonderful accessory gift box.


Difficulty Rating: **

You will need:

1 sheet of 6in (15cm) origami paper (if you are using colouring paper, colour it in before you start folding)


1. With the coloured side down, fold the paper in half from corner to corner both ways, opening it out each time, then fold all the corners into the centre.


2. Fold the bottom edge up beyond the halfway mark so that when the top is folded down both flaps are of identical length. Only firm up the creases when you are happy this is the case. Open out the sheet and repeat, this time from side to side.


3. Open out the folds just made as well as the top and bottom corners from the middle. Lift up the sides to begin forming the box as well as the far point. Make new creases in the excess paper that is formed at the corners and press them inside the box. Fold the tip over the newly formed top edge and tuck the point into the base of the box.


4. Repeat at the bottom end of the object to form the final wall, though this time use the last open point to form the lid of the box.


This project is from Mindful Origami by Mari Ono. To get more free projects like this one - direct to your inbox - sign up to our mailing list here. 

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