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Felt Cone Reindeer Decoration

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If you're looking for a Christmas craft idea for kids then this cute felt reindeer is bound to be a winner. This craft activity will help young children practice their tracing, cutting and sticking skills, and we're sure there's space on your windowsill or a shelf for these fun festive faces! If you looking for a simpler version then check out our video tutorial for a felt cone Christmas tree.

Felt reindeer cones

How to make a felt cone reindeer decoration

Using a simple felt cone as your starting point, make a cute miniature Christmas tree decorated with tiny red and green beads or sequins to look like baubles, or create a sweet little reindeer. After that, use your imagination based on the same cone design­–how about Santa Claus in red and white felt?


You will need


Paper and pencil


White (PVA) glue


2 pieces of card

Sheet of brown felt

Sheet of white or cream felt

Red pom pom or sequin for the nose

2 small black pom poms or buttons for the eyes


To make the reindeer

Using the templates, trace the cone antler shapes onto the paper. Cut out all the shapes. Glue a piece of card onto the brown felt and a piece onto the white/cream felt, and allow to dry.

Flet reindeer cone step 2

Position the semicircular cone template on the card side of the brown felt, lining up the straight edges, draw around it with a pencil, and cut out with scissors.

Felt reindeer cone step 3

Roll the semicircle of brown felt into a neat cone shape and then fix it into position using the stapler across the join (you may need to ask an adult to help with this). You will need to use several staples to keep the shape firmly fixed in place.

Felt reindeer decoration

Position the antler template on the card side of the cream felt, draw around it twice with a pencil, and cut out two antlers. To help cut the fiddly curves, turn the card not the scissors.

Spread the glue on the felt side of the antlers, glue them to the back of the cone near the pointed end. While they dry, lie the cone down with the antlers underneath and use something inside to weigh it down­–this will help them stick firmly in place. Alternatively, use the stapler to attached the antlers.

Felt reindeer cone step 6

Carefully glue the bright red pompom or sequin to the fro not the cone to make the reindeer’s nose. To finish, glue the two button/pompom eyes to the cone.


My First Christmas Craft Book

This project is taken from My First Christmas Craft Book.

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