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Cork Animals

kids recycled crafting

Collect a pile of corks and create a whole jungle of these cute animals. A fun and eco-friendly craft project for kids this half term.

Cork animals 


■ Corks

■ PVA glue

■ Bread knife

■ Scissors

■ Yellow and brown wool

■ Small beads for eyes


To make the giraffe


Take 7 corks and cut 4 of them as shown above. Glue them together to make the giraffe shape. Leave to dry before moving.

Cut some little strands of brown wool and glue them down the back of the giraffe’s neck to make a mane. Cut a short length, fold it in half, knot it at the end and stick on the back to form a tail. Cut little pieces of cork to make the horns and ears, gluing them in place on the head. Finish with 2 small beads glued on as eyes.


To make the lion

Take 5 corks and cut them into the shapes shown above. Stick them together to make the lion, leaving aside 1 piece of cork that will become the face. Leave to dry.



To make the mane, wind yellow wool a few times around your fingers.

Take the wool off your hand and tie another piece of wool around the middle and pull tightly, knotting it in place.


Stick the mane onto the back of the lion’s head and then stick the piece of cork onto the animal’s neck to make the head. Cut out small pieces of cork for the ears and a triangular piece for the nose. Glue in place. Knot a loop of wool for the tail and stick beads on for the eyes.


To make the crocodile


Cut out the corks as shown. Glue them together and leave to dry.

Cut half pieces of cork for the legs and glue 4 of them in place. Cut small pieces of cork and glue onto the head, attaching a bead to each to make the eyes.


For more eco-friendly craft ideas for kids, check out Green Crafts for Children by Emma Hardy.

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