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Tips for a sustainable sewing practice

Sewing in a sustainable way is a much more mindful approach to your making—it encourages us to be much more aware of what we have, how we can use it, and what we really need. And last but not least, to slow down a little and take pleasure in the joy of making—creating something with just our own two hands and some simple equipment.



Here are Wendy's four key pointers to starting a more sustainable sewing practice:

  1. Think before you sew—will you use or wear what you’re about to make? Do you need it? Are you making it because you’ve seen lots of other people make it and feel you don’t want to miss out? Think about your make in terms of “price per wear or use.” Is it going to earn its place in your closet or your home?
  2. Think before you buy fabric—ask yourself how it was made, what fiber is the fabric made from? If it’s a bargain, why is it a bargain? Someone somewhere will be paying the true cost. Is your supplier transparent about where and how they source their fabrics?
  3. Use it wisely—treat fabric as the precious commodity it is; if you’re using a whole piece of fresh cloth, use every square inch.
  4. Leave no waste—keep and use your leftovers.

How to Sew Sustainably by Wendy Ward is a technique-led guide to creating clothes and homeware, using fabric scraps from other projects, discarded home textiles and used clothing. 


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